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Sterilization is especially productive in the processes of recyling and/or reuse. It also helps with pretreatment for the extended life of carbon. Commercial Industries benefit greatly from sterilization because it helps to remove oil, grease, soap, and detergents from wash waters. It also helps in water conservation via recyling and reuse and is a solvent removal for dry cleaning.

Sterilization - Case Study

SITE HISTORY-- A Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility, located in Tennessee, had trouble with its primary fire suppression water. The water was stored in an underground cistern. Small amounts of AFFF Fire Fighting Foam were introduced to the 50,000 gallon cistern during periodic system tests. The AFFF foam and long storage periods created an anoxic environment where malodorous bacteria thrived. The client was concerned with Hydrogen Sulfide corrosion of steel and concrete components within the cistern and pump house. In addition, the facility's decorative fish-pond used as the back-up water supply was also the receiving body for any accidental releases of the stagnant primary water. A small foot print ozone system capable of sterilizing the water, improving dissolved oxygen levels, and eliminating residual AFFF Foam was designed.

RESULTS--Initial ORP readings were below 200. WIthin 6 hours of operation, ORP readings increased to 600. The Hydrogen Sulfide odor was eliminated within 2 hours of operation. Clarity of water improved as the bacteria was destroyed. After several days of operation, readings stabilized at over 600 ORP. Due to the rapid improvement in water quality, no laboratory tests were collected at the client's request.

STATUS--The system is still in use and has had no interruption in service. The ORP monitor/controller activates the Model 1250 Generator to maintain a preset ORP of 600. Thie system was designed and installed with no capital cost to the customer and is maintained with a monthly service charge. By installing the ozone system foul odors, poor water clarity, and risk of environmental damage by accidental releases are concerns of the past. In addition, the client is no longer challenged by negative public perception.

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