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Chilled ozonated water for carcass cooling will destroy the salmonella bacteria present in over 37% of all chickens sold in the marketplace, increase recyling, lower electrical costs, and longer shelf life for product.

OZONE: Conserving Water and Reducing Chemical Costs At A Food Processor

SITE HISTORY-- A large processor of inedible eggs for dried food stuffs was plagued with salmonella bacteria in their process condensate. The poor condition of the fluid cooler water inhibited its reuse in the plant and resulted in the water being discharged to the local sewer district at a substantial cost. A variety of commercially available biocides were unsuccessful at controlling the bacteria.

A second issue at the plant was excessive odors emanating from the egg dryer exhaust. The client spent $40,000 annually on an odor control program with only marginal success.

A third issue involved high concentrations of salmonella in the final dry egg product. The client utilized hydrogen peroxide in the process to reduce the bacteria count.

RESULTS--The ozone program allows substantial recovery of process condensate from the egg dryer. The condensate is sterile enough for use as make up water for the fluid cooler. The condition of the fluid cooler system improved greatly and warranted the installation of a storage tank. The condensate storage tank holds the water for reuse as primary wash down water during clean up cycles. Ozone maintains a sterile environment within the storage tank.

Another unforseen benefit of ozone was the reduction in salmonella in the dried egg product itself. This reduction allowed the customer to reduce the amount of hydrogen peroxide used to control this problem.

STATUS--The system continues to control odors and bacteria within the plant. The system is monitored by daily sampling and ORP readings.

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