Disinfection - Public Water Systems

Public Water System

Pretreatment of incoming waters via ozonation and ozone destruction use of chlorine reduced by 90% while reducing organics, bacteria, and odor. Gray water reclamation from sewage systems and disinfection Hydrogen Sulfite.

Disinfection - Case Study
OZONE: Disinfection of Dionized Recyling System

SITE HISTORY-- A large precious metal plater in Chicago, Illinois installed a Deionize Water Recyling System rated for 35 gpm at a cost of $450,000. The disinfection being used in the system was a UV Light. After 30 days of operation, the system was completely filled with biologocial contamination. For approximately one year, the company tried replacing the carbon, resin, and several other elements. In addition, they tried regular chlorine for disinfection. The contamination remained, and were still unable to use the system.

RESULTS--Within 3 days, bacteria was reduced from To Numerous To Count (TNTC) to 10 to the first. At the 7 day mark, the results of bacteria were 0. The system is now able to produce the quality water for which it was designed. In addition, the regeneration rate of the resin has been reduced, as well as the manpower to maintain the system. This has resulted in a reduction of day to day operating costs for the company.

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