Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do the CEC consumer generators work?

A. The H3200 and The Duct units are not air filters, but are air purifiers that utilize multiple air cleaning methods. The unique technology you get with both units combine the use of a strong purifying gas plasma with basic photochemistry to effectively get rid of indoor air pollutants and odors in homes.

Q. How long am I supposed to run the units?

A. The H3200 and The Duct units were meant to continually run 24 hours a day, with no need to monitor them. In many situations the pollutants in your home can be addressed running the units part-time, but you only have to turn the unit off if you so choose to.

Q. Will the units get rid of cigarette and tobacco smoke?

A. The H3200 and the Duct unit have negative ions and photoelectrons that help to remove the smoke particulate from the air, while the active oxygen atoms and purifying hydroxyls that constitute the units will neutralize the chemical fumes and destroy both tobacco and cigarette odors.

Q. Do both the H3200 and The Duct units work to get rid of mildew and mold?

A. Yes. The UV light inside the unit will kill the spores of mold that enter it, and the purifying plasma that the units circulate is also fungicidal, which means that it will kill fungi like mildew and mold.

Q. Can ozone be dangerous?

A. Yes it can be, but it is only dangerous in extremely high concentrations. These concentrations are far beyond the concentration that is used in the Duct unit. The ozone levels that are used in the units do not surpass the Federal Government safety guideline of 0.05-0.06 ppm. Only a modest amount of ozone is needed to run the units.

Q. How easy is it to install the H3200 and Duct units?

A. The units are is very simple to install. The manuals with both units explain exactly how the units are to be started/installed.

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