CEC, The Ozone Company- A division of AOT Technologies Inc., specializes in manufacturing ozone generators and incorporting them into treatment systems for wastewater treatment, odor control, sanitation, sterilization, bacteria dn listeria control. Most systems are custom designed to address the specific need of our clients.


Welcome to our site!  Please review our sales capabilities and product offerings and call or us for more information.  Our companies philosophy since inception has been to allow our customers the ability to find success in the use of ozone, therefore, we spend an extra amount of time to ensure success.

CEC was founded in 1991 to design water treatment alternatives that have been successful in developing a superior injection system to maximize the mass transfer of ozone to water.  By injecting pressurized ozone into a fluid, the saturation of dissolved ozone greatly increases oxidation reactions.  As a result, the increased  performance of our systems help drive unique reactions not typically possible with traditional ozone injection methods.

This process allows us to achieve extremely high oxidation/reduction potentials (ORP) and maintain them for longer periods of time.  This allows ozone to be an efficient and economical Biocide/biodispersant in Cooling Water Applications, CIP Disinfections, Water Sterlization and as a Wastewater Polish for BOD, COD, FOG, and or other compounds.

Through our experiences, we have been able to offer our customers state-of-the-art water management programs.  This includes numerous industrial, commercial and institutional accounts, and corrosion rates well below norms while improving operating efficiencies.

Since the early 1980's, ozone manufacturers have been touting ozone as the perfect treatment technology for almost every water treatment application, regardless of the water composition.  We have embraced the use of ozone by incorporating it into our water management program of chemical corrosion inihibition and scale inhibition dispersants.  In this manner, all the biocidal benefits of ozone are realized as part of the water management treatments.

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